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We are a team of highly trained and efficient auto electricians in Wollongong. Our company has been providing quality vehicle electric services for years. If your vehicle has an issue, leave it with us!

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Wollongong Auto Electricians

Trustworthy auto electronics services in Wollongong.

We all know the feeling of having a dead battery in the middle of your long drive. We also know how much worse it can be when there is no one you can call while sorting things out. Our services here at Auto Electricians Wollongong are curated and designed to make sure that you can contact us anytime, and we will be there whenever you need us. 

Our sense of urgency is not our only promise. Our team includes highly-trained car electricians experienced in handling almost all car makes and models. On top of that, we use only the top-notch equipment and tools to ensure that our services are excellent and satisfactory. Each auto electrical unit stocks a comprehensive range of common replacement parts, including starter motors and alternators. We can get you moving again sooner – they are not just ordinary replacement parts. We also have premium ones for our clients who value durability and quality. 

Our highly-qualified team of car electricians and engineers offer a wide range of services from starter motors, alternators, car battery, wiring, trailer plugs and emergency breakdown assistance, to name a few. Whenever you need help fixing a broken electrical wire in your cars and vehicles, you can always call us, and we will be there.

Our Services

For years now, we have been providing Wollongong premium mobile and auto electrician services. We use the latest tools, equipment and training to ensure we complete all repairs to the highest standards.

Diagnosis & Fault Finding

Our team is equipped with tools and equipment to help find what's wrong with your vehicle fast.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Whether it's re-gassing or repairing a busted air conditioning unit, we got it covered

Car Battery Replacement

We can test your fuel injection system and your batteries to get the best performance and fuel efficiency.


Whenever your alternators and starters are malfunctioning, we are ready to replace them with new parts to get your car up and moving again

Breakdown Assistance

If you are in Wollongong and your car won't start, you can call us and we will be there to jump start to vehicle.

Starter Motors

Our technicians have a comprehensive understanding of starter motors. If there's an issue, we can find it and we will fix it.

We work with almost all makes and models!

We are proud to be one of the few vehicle electric service providers with an ample supply of replacement parts for cars of an extensive range of makes and models.

Premium Vehicle Electric Service

We are dedicated to providing Wollongong with an auto and mobile electrician services that is high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective.

Our technicians, electricians, and electrical engineers are equipped with up-to-date training and the necessary certifications to perform their jobs to your satisfaction. Beyond that, our team comprises EXPERIENCED individuals who know how to take care of your vehicle’s electronics.


Our technicians are trained to respond to every inquiry with humility and knowledgeable, efficient, and trustworthy people. We take every call seriously

We strive always to give you value for your money. Our Automotive Electrical Services provide an accurate quote for all the prices and rates you have to pay before working on anything. All of our quotes are valid for seven days. Transparency is one of our core values.

Our team of technicians not only have the skills to repair all makes and models of car, but Auto Electricians Wollongong can also work on the following vehicles:

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Agricultural Machinery (tractors)
  • Small earthmoving equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats

Common Questions

See some common questions and answers below.

The main components of an engine are battery, wires/wire loom, relays and fuses. The ECU is responsible for a lot like the starter motor or fuel pump in your car depending on what type you have. Alternators charge batteries when they’re low while cooling fans keep engines cool by blowing air through them to push out excess heat from inside as well as outside sources such things as leaking transmission fluid which can cause major damage if it drips onto hot exhaust pipes where temperatures reach up to 1,000 degrees celcius!

Automotive electricians are the superheroes of a new era. They have to know all about cars, but their job description is much more than that! These days they can do everything from installing or removing electrical equipment and components for any vehicle to working on wiring in motorcycles or even trucks. An automotive electrician needs training because it’s not as simple as sticking things together like an arts-and-crafts project; these guys need skills so specialized most people don’t understand them fully – which makes this one heck of a cool profession!

Yes! There are plenty of mobile auto electricians that can assist with your electrical needs wherever you may be. No matter where you go, Auto Electricians Wollongong will have a van containing all the tools and equipment they need to complete the job – but we’ll still want help from another person or company in order to get started on repairs for safety reasons. Call us today!


Car Batteries Wollongong

Auto Electrician Wollongong Deliver and Install Replacement Batteries anywhere, anytime for all cars, trucks, boats. They offer the best warranty* to meet your motoring needs in Australia’s harsh climate. We are an Australian company that offers the installation of replacement batteries at any location with a lead time as short as 50 minutes; they are designed specifically to withstand our country’s challenging environment.

We supply the Batteries other companies don’t – such as specialist Start/Stop Batteries to suit the latest vehicle technologies. Deep Cycle, Marine, Mower, Truck Mobility, and Motorcycle batteries for any application you need! Our products have some of the highest C.C.A ratings available so that you can be sure they are suitable for your needs every time and come with the professional installation including saving both money and convenience when it comes down to finding a battery supplier in Perth or anywhere else around Australia.

Leave it to the pros! We’ll provide a professional jumpstart, so you don’t damage your car. Leave car maintenance up to us because cars are more complicated these days and not worth risking damaging yours with amateur fixes that could make things worse than they already were.