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Wollongong can be pretty chilly in the winter, which causes fogging on your windshield. It’s dangerous not to have a clear vision when you’re driving, and it may put you at risk of causing major accidents even when you’re cautious. To avoid this from happening, vehicles have built-in humidity systems to moderate the fogging inside your car.

It might not be common knowledge, but air conditioners don’t just keep your car cool; they regulate the fog build-up in your car when it’s cold outside. However, when bacteria starts to multiply or excessive leakage starts within the system, your air conditioners may get damaged or malfunction during the worst times for you.

An air conditioner does not just bring you comfort in the summer heat; it also keeps you safe throughout the winter season. Having it repaired and examined every once in a while can ensure that you maximise your experience as well as rid you of the risk of getting into accidents–major or minor. 

Our team at Wollongong Auto Electricians can assist you with all your needs. We’ll use our experience and training to run diagnostics and examine your air conditioner whenever you wish, so just give us a call! We wouldn’t want you to be in discomfort any longer, and we’ll provide you with cost-efficient and sustainable solutions to your problems.

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How to know when it’s time to get air conditioning repairs?

The air conditioner isn’t working

The easiest way to find out if you need repairs is if the air conditioner isn’t working. If it’s broken, you would know because if you switch it on, cool air still wouldn’t be released into your vehicle. Sometimes, the lights meant to indicate won’t even light up.

Increase in air temperature

If your air conditioner is working, but the air it releases is somehow warmer than usual, it may be caused by a faulty evaporator or a blockage in the system. It may not be urgent in the summer, as it would only cause you some discomfort, but having an air conditioner in the winter is essential to regulate the fogginess in your car.

Strong odours

Bacteria and other fungi may be growing at the back of your air conditioner’s evaporator if you don’t have it cleaned regularly, and this may cause foul smells coming from the system. Getting treatment is not just essential to rid you of the discomfort of having an unpleasant experience, but it may also cause headaches that may lead to unfocused driving, or worse, getting diseases from the bacteria.

Grinding noise 

The air conditioner is made of many parts, such as the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. When any of these parts are damaged, it can ruin the whole system, causing discrepancies in how the conditioner functions. If it’s a hardware issue, it would be easy to recognise as these will create grinding or screeching sounds.