5 Car Preparation Tips to Remember Before Going on a Road Trip

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Planning for a fun-filled road trip with your whole crew or family? Aside from organizing your itinerary, packing your bags, and booking accommodations, preparing your vehicle for the long journey is also vital. 

At Wollongong Auto Electricians, we know car problems are troublesome, even if they just happen in your driveway or local neighbourhood. A dead car battery, a sudden breakdown or a flat tire can really put a damper on your road trip plans, especially if you are hundreds of miles away from your home. That is why our team have curated car preparation tips that can help get your vehicle ready for your next road trip and escapade. Before you start your trip, check out this list so you can protect your vehicle and ensure a safe and hassle-free journey with your loved ones.

Tip #1: Always check your car’s tire and tire pressure before a trip. 

Although there are auto electricians everywhere, you can never be sure if there is one near you if you encounter a flat tire. That is why it is crucial to check all the tires of your car before leaving. Moreover, remember to check your spare tire as well. Check if there are any cuts, sidewall bulges or gouges. 

Besides that, you also have to make sure that you maintain the right tire pressure. You can check the tire pressure using stick gauges, digital gauges or dial gauges. Determine if your current tire pressure is the same as the recommended pressure by the vehicle manufacturer. If you have an underinflated tire, inflate it using a foot-powered air pump or visit your local auto technician. 

Tip #2: Inspect your brakes.

This is a simple tip that can prevent unfortunate circumstances from happening. Listen and feel the brakes of your vehicle. When you notice a grinding sound or feel a vibration when you apply the brakes, it might be time to take your car to your local auto repair shop for a brake inspection. 

Have a professional auto technician inspect your car’s brake system because there might be underlying issues behind it, such as fluid leaks or faulty pads, shoes, rotors and drums. If there is a problem with your brake system, make sure to have them replaced or repaired before starting your road trip. 

Tip #3: Keep a well-stocked emergency kit supply in your car. 

At Wollongong Auto Electricians, we recommend having a well-stocked emergency kit supply in your car at all times. There can be unexpected events that may happen to you while you are on the road, so you have to be prepared before you start your journey. Here are the items that you can include in your emergency kit. 

  • first-aid supplies 
  • flashlight and extra set of batteries
  • non-perishable snacks (for people and pets)
  • drinking water
  • car battery booster cables
  • reflectors
  • heavy-duty gloves
  • rags and paper towels
  • basic tool kit

Tip #4: Check your car’s fluids. 

Before you decide to go on a long road trip, it is important to inspect your vehicle’s brake fluid, oil, coolant and windscreen wash levels. This will ensure that you can reach your destination based on schedule and avoid making emergency stops for car repairs and servicing along the way. 

Tip #5: Visit a trusted auto electrician for a tune-up. 

If it has been ages since you have your last car tune-up, it might be time to have one done before you start your road trip. Let them check your battery, spark plugs, engine and cables. This is to avoid facing a car breakdown and spending money on a tow truck in the middle of your much-awaited vacation.