10 Warning Signs of a Dead Car Battery

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The battery of a car is very important. While igniting a vehicle may seem simple because you just have to turn a key or press a button – the battery is the one doing all the crucial processes. It is the one that gives the initial electrical signal to get your car started. Without a perfectly functional battery, you will not be able to go anywhere with your vehicle.

Through the time of use, it is inevitable to suddenly have a dead battery. It may be because you leave the headlights on overnight, or the battery is getting older and can no longer maintain the charge. No matter the reason for having a dead car battery, it might be best to take action and have it replaced for you to prevent any substantial repair costs. However, how can you say that your battery is damaged or, worse, dead? Don’t fret because, just like the other components of your car, you just have to keep an eye on a few tell-tale signs. Here are ten signs you should watch out for to ensure that you will not get stuck with a dead battery.

The car doesn’t respond at ignition.

When you turn the ignition key and your car doesn’t respond at all, it can mean that the starter motor is not getting a charge from the battery because it is dead.

The starter motor activates, yet the engine doesn’t start.

If your starter motor cranks slowly but the engine doesn’t turn over, this can be a sign that you have a faulty starter or a dead car battery.

The car takes longer to respond to ignition.

Sometimes, freezing weather can reduce the performance of a car’s battery. This can affect the battery and cause the engine to take longer to respond to ignition. On the other hand, if there hasn’t even been a temperature drop and the engine is still slow when you crank it to life, then there might be a problem with your battery, alternator, or starter.

The engine cranks but dies abruptly.

There are instances when your vehicle will start, but instead of idling, the engine abruptly dies. When you experience this, it might be because the charge of the battery is just enough to turn on the engine. If the battery fails when you are cranking the engine, it will interrupt the signals sent to the engine control module. Due to that, the engine will fail to start completely.

There are no dome lights or door chimes.

When you open your vehicle’s door, you can see that its door lights turn. Besides that, you can also hear a chime when you insert your key into the ignition. However, if you notice that the dome lights and the door chimes are not working properly, it might be because of a flat car battery.

The headlights are dim or not turning on at all.

If you are experiencing dim or flickering headlights together with an engine that doesn’t turn over, it might be caused by a weak battery. However, if your headlights do not turn on, you should consider checking your battery because it might be dead.

The Check Engine light turns on.

If you observe that your car’s Check Engine light is on, have it examined by a mobile auto electrician as soon as you can. It might be caused by a dead battery, faulty alternator, fuel mix issues, or other reasons.

The battery is deformed.

Having a deformed or swollen battery is a red flag you should not miss. This happens when it is exposed to extreme temperatures or when the alternator is overcharged. If your battery looks deformed, have it replaced immediately.

There is a weird smell.

If you observe a weird smell in your vehicle, it might be caused by a lead-acid battery that is leaking. Make sure to have your car checked.

The battery terminals are corroded.

When you notice a blue-green substance on the terminals of your battery, have it checked because it can also affect the battery’s life.


Step-by-Step Guide to Jump Start a Dead Car Battery

  1. Ready your jumper cables.
  2. Position the vehicles. Let them face each other but do not let them touch.
  3. Connect the jumper cables appropriately.
  4. Jumpstart the vehicle.
  5. Detach the jumper cables but do not turn off the engine.
  6. Drive the vehicle around for about 15 to 20 minutes.

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