How to Describe Your Car Problems to an Auto Electrician

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Before an auto electrician can proceed with the repairs, it is important to diagnose the problem correctly. You can think of it as a visit to a doctor when you feel sick. For us to give a solution to the issues of your car, you have to give us at least the details about the problem and how it all started. With the help of your accurate and detailed description can help point our auto electricians in the right direction, considerably lessen the diagnostic time and get you back on the road efficiently.

Even if understanding your car’s problem can be daunting, and it may feel like auto electricians speak a foreign language, it is still essential to know how you can effectively communicate your car’s issues to us. Read on some of the tips we provided below so you can describe your car problems with ease to your auto electrician. 

Give the auto electrician as much detail as you can

Not giving a detailed description of your auto’s condition can affect our auto electrician’s process of identifying and addressing the issue. To help us determine the real problem with your car as well as the ways on how to solve it, try to answer these questions we have provided below:

  • When or how often does your car exhibit the particular problem?
  • Where do you think the problem is coming from within your car?
  • What do the specific symptoms look like? Does it smell strange? Is there an unusual sound from your car? Do you feel anything unusual when driving your car? 
  • Are there any dashboard lights that have turned in since the problem started?
  • Did you observe any fluid leaking in your car? What is its color? Where is the location of the leak?
  • When do you think the problem started? 

Remember that you don’t have to diagnose the problem yourself

It would help us a lot if you can give us a detailed and specific problem with your car but do not feel too pressured about it. You don’t really have to tell us the specific issue with your vehicle. At Wollongong Auto Electrician, you can just provide us with the information you already know and let our seasoned and proficient auto electricians take it from there. 

Learn some automotive jargons

Through our immense years of rendering car services and repairs in Wollongong, we can easily communicate with our clients without using automotive jargon. Nonetheless, it would still be advantageous to you if you know some of the most commonly used terms of auto electricians. Try to learn about these helpful terms:

  • Fast idling – the car’s engine runs fast even when the car is idling
  • Idling – the car is turned on, and the engine is running, but it is not in motion
  • Handling – how your car performs when turning a curve
  • Misfire – happens when the fuel in your engine’s cylinder is not igniting appropriately
  • Sluggish – the car is not accelerating as fast or as efficiently as before
  • Surge – the car’s speed increases even if the gas pedal is not triggered 
  • Stall – the car’s engine abruptly stops running
  • Stumble – the car stalls, but then it restarts again

Share your maintenance records

Telling us a brief background of your car’s maintenance record can help our auto electricians diagnose the problem and address it more efficiently. Some owner may have complete track of all the services and repairs that their car has undergone, but for those who do not have it, you can just share with us your:

  • most recent part replacements
  • most recent repairs
  • type of car parts used when repairing and replacing your auto
  • dates on which your auto had routine maintenance services 

You just have to be honest

You don’t have to hide anything from our auto electricians because they just want to know more about your car’s condition and help you solve the problems you are encountering with it. Do not omit crucial details about your vehicle’s state for us to diagnose the problem with ease and help you get back on the road.