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Sometimes, it may be hard to interpret whenever your dashboard signals something wrong with your car. The blinking lights may be pretty straightforward, but you might need a trained professional to know what exactly is wrong with your vehicle. 

Luckily for you, our team at Wollongong Auto Electricians can efficiently and effectively run a diagnosis and examine your car’s electrical system. More than that, you wouldn’t even need to call a separate repair service to fix the problem. Our electricians can do the job for you as they are fully equipped with the proper training and tools.

When there are features that you cannot decipher, it’s best to call a diagnostics service to ensure that you can remedy the issue right away. At Wollongong Auto Electricians, you wouldn’t need to look for the designated repair services; we can do it for you right after diagnosis.

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Our electricians are specially trained when it comes to providing you with the best electrical services for your vehicle.

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With over a decade of experience, we will ensure that the results will be neat, durable, and timely.


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How to know when it’s time to run an engine diagnosis?

It’s best to start calling a diagnostics team when you’ve noticed that there are slight–it doesn’t have to be significant at all– differences in how your vehicle is functioning.

Warning lights on your dashboard

As mentioned above, most modern cars have built-in automated systems to notify you whenever there’s a problem with your vehicle. If you see blinking warning lights on your dashboard, make sure that you know what they signify to call the designated repair services for it. 

Difficulty in starting

If it seems like your engine is hesitating to start or even not at all, it may be a severe issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The engine is one of the most vital parts of your car that’s in charge of monitoring your car’s features, and if it’s not working correctly, you may encounter unwanted breakdowns along your way.

Excessive fuel usage

You may be experiencing some changes in your fuel usage, which might be more cost-expensive for you in the long run. More than that, it means that your car is not working as efficiently as it should be, a problem that you should immediately fix before it poses more risk for your safety.

Increase in smoke from the exhaust

Different vehicles exhaust various smoke levels, depending on the hardware and age, but an increase in exhaust smoke can be an alarming sign that your engine has an issue. This amount of smoke exhaustion may mean that your hardware is too old or needs repair immediately, so you should call services right away.