Our Services

We offer a wide range of services from starter motors, alternators, car batteries, wiring, trailer plugs, and emergency breakdown assistance. We guarantee that all our technicians, auto electricians, and engineers are trained and certified. They hold high-quality tools to assure satisfactory service.


Diagnosis & Fault Finding

A thorough diagnostic and fault-finding procedure should always be performed before fixing your car’s electric problems. Understanding the root cause of the problem leads to the best long term repair results. At Auto Electricians Ballarat, we are equipped with all the needed tools and equipment to know what exactly is wrong. 

Air Conditioning Repair

We all know that air-conditioning is an essential part of our daily driving. Without a functioning air condition system, driving can be an unpleasant experience. At Auto Electricians Wollongong, we have the expertise in repairing and re-gassing air-conditioning systems of most make and model cars. We are an Australian Government approved and licensed air conditioning repair and service facility. Call us to have your air-conditioning system fixed today!

EFI Repairs & Batteries

EFI is an essential part of your vehicle. It is the one that is responsible for distributing fuel throughout the engine. That is why your EFI system mustn’t malfunction as it can cause a headache – or even accidents! Same with your batteries. We have all the equipment and tools to repair your EFI systems and batteries in a professional and timely manner. Our technicians are trained to handle them no matter what make and model. If you find yourself having the trouble of a malfunctioning EFI or a drained battery, ring us, and we will be there on time!

Alternators & Starter Motors

To start your engine, the alternator in your car will do the dirty work of converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. If your vehicle isn’t starting correctly, the odds are it has a broken alternator or a malfunctioning starter motor. Whenever you face this problem, Wollongong Auto Electricians are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to repair your car. We also hold most of the standard and premium replacement parts if they are required. Call us now!

Breakdown Assistance

Have you ever been in a situation where your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road? Well, if it does, it’s painful if you can’t find anybody to help you fix your car. We offer a professional breakdown assistance service within Wollongong. If you happen to have a flat tyre or an engine problem, call us, and we can go immediately to where you are and help you jump start your vehicle.

Rewiring & Accessories

Our technicians at Auto Electricians Wollongong have a comprehensive understanding of rewiring vehicles and other machinery. Our expert team has extensive experience repairing and installing wiring on four-wheel drives, dual battery systems, solar charging solutions and driving lights. At Wollongong Auto Electricians, we only use premium and high-quality components and wiring in our repairs to ensure the repair is long-lasting. Call us today to find out more.

Other Services

Besides the services above, we also offer other auto repair and car electronic services in Ballarat.

Alcohol Interlock Devices

We are one of the few licensed and trained installers and service providers of interlock devices in the Ballarat area.

Minor Mechanical Repairs

Repairs such as brake component replacement, oil and filter changes can all be performed by our technicians.

Fleet & Insurance Repairs

We will provide a cost-effective solution for all your auto electrical fleet repairs. Our electricians can also perform insurance jobs.