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Your vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road can be the absolute worse–usually, you can’t even do much about it without a professional in the area. It’s also really dangerous, especially since you cannot move or drive to seek help. Luckily for you, our auto electricians in Wollongong can efficiently get to you with just a call. 

Our team of highly trained and experienced electricians at Wollongong Auto Electricians can assist you with any roadside issue. We prioritize your safety above all, so we also offer emergency services to get you out of any dire situation you might have gotten in. We’ll bring the necessary materials and tools to repair and replace your vehicle’s hardware. 

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Our electricians are specially trained when it comes to providing you with the best electrical services for your vehicle.

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With over a decade of experience, we will ensure that the results will be neat, durable, and timely.



Our team will be transparent about all the details of the service and transactionーpros, cons, pricing, and material.

What services do we offer?

Alternator Starter Motor Repair

If your car stopped working, and you’ve tried your best to start it back up to no avail, consider getting your starter motor repaired. Oftentimes, your car will also signal you through a blinking light on the dashboard that indicates the problem, so be sure to be wary and conscious of it so that you can get assistance as quickly as possible.

Brake Pads

When you notice that your brake pads’ response time is much slower than usual, be sure to stop over and call assistance right away. You cannot risk breaking them as you wouldn’t be able to stop your car at the correct moments, possibly leading to major accidents, which can even risk your life.

Car battery replacements

Some common signs that your battery is damaged are slower engine response time, dented or bloated battery cases, and fumes coming from your battery. If you’ve encountered any of them, it’s best to call roadside assistance as soon as possible as these can cause leakage, fires, and even explosions.

Engine Repair

The engine’s system is in charge of starting your vehicle, maximizing and monitoring your fuel usage, and managing your whole vehicle’s features. When damaged, it can cause a breakdown, and you wouldn’t be able to use, moreover, drive your car. Thus, if you’ve noticed that it has a slower response time or if your car’s features aren’t working as well as they should, call us at (02) 4315 2426 right away!

Cooling system repairs

Overheating your car’s engine or battery by overusing them can eventually lead to a breakdown, or even worse, an explosion. To prevent those from happening, all vehicles have a built-in cooling system that moderates the heat within your car. If it’s somehow damaged, it cannot do its job properly, risking your and your car’s health.