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The starter motor is one of the key components that allows your car engine to start up, and it does this by cranking up the engine and giving it a boost of energy. Essentially, it generates electricity from the battery to spin the engine into starting up, so if it’s damaged or faulty somehow, it may cause unwanted breakdowns and unsuccessful start-ups.

Your car cannot operate or even start without the starter motor, so you should consider ensuring that it’s working at its best at all times. Getting a diagnosis or repair services from professionals is surely a cost-effective way to maintain a great and hassle-free car experience. 

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How to know when it’s time to get starter motor repairs?

Your car isn’t starting immediately

As mentioned above, the starter motor is crucial in getting your engine up and running, so your car’s engine may not have enough energy to function if it’s faulty. This may come in different degrees–your engine may just have a slow response time or even not start at all. 

Ticking sound when you try to start up your car

The starter motor works in a rotary motion, meaning that it spins to generate enough power for the engine to start. If you hear ticking sounds when you fail to start your car, this may mean that the starter motor is trying to do its job to no avail. When this happens, call repair services immediately as this implies that your hardware is damaged.

Your car isn’t operating properly

As the starter motor is directly related to the engine, which regulates and ensures that your car’s operating efficiently, the engine may not function properly if the motor is damaged. Thus, you should be wary of even the seemingly insignificant discrepancies in your car’s performance as serious problems may be causing them.